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Friday, December 2, 2011


Engineered Compression 3-Dimensional

The scene can be reminiscent of the late 1800’s if viewed in black and white.  Young guys with bikes in the background, long shorts, or knickers over black tights.  Maybe it’s the latest fashion trend from Paris, but these guys are serious about their tights.

Whether it’s an after work rider or a full time pro the competitive juices flow strong in today’s athletes.  Training is hard, but the strength gains occur during the rest intervals.  That’s why so many take recovery so seriously.

EC3D active wear gives the muscles support with gradual compression starting at the extremities and decreasing towards the heartThis helps the blood flow back to the heart easier.  The external compression reduces fatigue by preventing muscle oscillation and also reduces the blood volume of superficial venous compartments.  EC3D helps align the posture by “cinching” muscles into place.  This supports the posture and musculoskeletal alignment to make training more effective.

What separate EC3D from other compression garments are the fabric’s specific functions.  The EC3D compression garments have a long history in the medical field providing healing benefits and now are benefiting athletes.  The key is graduated compression, which is measured in mmHG (millimeters of Mercury), and targeted compression on the muscle. The balanced surface pressure triggers improved blood circulation.  EC3D is able to provide a tight fit because of their semi-custom sizing, and this is good because the 70% Polypropylene/ 30% spandex fabric is not as elastic as typical nylon/spandex tights.


The recovery tights put more compression on the muscles by using a higher stitch count on targeted areas. This gives the garments their futuristic super-athlete look to them.  These compression zones maximize blood flow and speed up the removal of lactic acid other toxins.  Use after a hard workout for several hours, and even wear overnight for amazing effects.

The garments are individually crafted on circular knitting machines specific to each size.  The textile science behind the Engineered Compression 3-Dimentional (EC3D) technology allows them to weave the different compression characteristics into key areas of the fabric rather than rely on sewn together pieces of fabric.


The shorts seem to be missing the lower half, but are not intended for vascular return, rather to support the muscles in the groin area. Groin injuries are common for active sports, but the EC3D shorts will speed recovery. The compression short gives the muscles shape through graduated compression and help protect the abs, lower back, gluteus, thighs and groin.


EC3D’s compression socks will improve blood circulation furthest away from the heart.  Claims that it, “enhances blood flow, oxygenates muscles and prevents venous pooling,” seem well founded. When wearing the socks the lower legs feel rejuvenated.

At the top EC3D offers shirts.  The compression shirt is primarily for reducing inflammation in the arms, and improving blood flow - the same as the other garments do. Getting the shirt on takes a little practice to get it oriented correctly, but the tight fit supports the arm muscles, preventing that muscle oscillation.  It also provides some support to the torso, which improves posture by compressing and aligning the muscles yielding less post-exercise soreness.

The Gusset

The “gusset” is a unique feature to the EC3D tights and shorts.  Shaped like an orange wedge, the gusset spans from mid-thigh, up and back down to mid-thigh. For those athletes not accustom to wearing tight fitting clothing this will be a relief as the gusset makes it very roomy in the shorts area.  The gusset is the result of the tights being made as one seamless tube, cut, the legs sewn and the crotch added with the gusset. 

The gusset is not necessarily a comfortable fit for those wanting more support in a garment, particularly for those used to a snug fit.  For cyclist, the seams of the gusset cross right through the chamois area, the very spot where rider and saddle meet.  While in reality this is a minor issue and will not chaff the rider, it is not ideal comfort.  If worn under cycling shorts the droop of the gusset will prevent the shorts from fitting perfectly.  Pulling the tights up higher is near impossible due to the semi-custom fit.  The EC3D garments stay where they are designed to stay.  The cavity of space created with the gusset could cause issues of discomfort or pain when bouncing uncontrollably on the saddle; guys.

The best solution is for EC3D to build the garments on their loom one leg at a time and connect the right and left halves. This would provide the men a little more support and also bring the compression zone higher up the muscles for everyone.

This is not a big deal, and I would not base your decision to purchase on this.  It's a slight imperfection, but the over-all benefit from wearing EC3D far outweighs this minor issue.

The EC3D compression technology is far superior to all other compression manufacturers out there.  The improved blood circulation delivers oxygen better and helps eliminate muscle toxins, and give the athlete a performance edge!


   IMPROVED BLOOD CIRCULATION EC3D compression garments direct blood flow from capillaries to blood vessels, enhancing oxygen exchange between the blood and muscles. This exchange primes the body for maximum efficiency and endurance.
   REDUCED RECOVERY TIME Studies show that athletes who wear EC3D compression garments for three hours or more, right after strenuous activity, experience less inflammation and muscle soreness.
   REDUCED MUSCLE OSCILLATION The compression zone is strategically placed around the muscles. This reduces muscle oscillation, which can cause micro-tears in the muscles.
   BETTER MUSCLE ALIGNMENT Seamless, graduated compression hugs the muscles where it counts, aligning the musculoskeletal system and allowing for precise movements.
   29 % REDUCTION IN LACTIC ACID Lactic acid build-up is a major source of muscle fatigue that causes cramps and soreness. Scientific studies have proven that EC3D garments reduce this build-up by 29%.
   BETTER POSTURE AND BALANCE Your posture is enhanced when your muscles are cinched into place, and with a good posture comes better stability
   INCREASED OXYGEN DELIVERY TO MUSCLES Strategic compression prevents blood pooling and better circulation, which in turn means better oxygenation of muscles. It will match oxygenation levels with the muscle's energy demands.

- After wearing the recovery tights for 24 hours straight and removing them my legs itch like crazy.
    The recovery tights' compression reduces blood circulation to superficial venous cavities near the surface of the skin.  The itching is a result of the blood flowing back into these cavities (not unlike itchy feet after being thawed out in a hot shower) - strong evidence yet again of the effectiveness of compression.  If itching persist try wearing tights with less compression for a few hours to help step down the rate the blood returns.

-I can't get these things on.
    Try bunching the fabric up into your hands - thumbs inside the legs and fingers outside, one leg at a time.  You should end up with the tights' whole leg between your thumbs and finger with a foot hole still open.  Put your foot in that hole and pull the fabric up your leg letting the tights unfurl from your hands as you go, but still keeping enough tension on the fabric so that the tights drop off where they should be.  Wearing socks will help the toes slide through a little bit easier.
     The shirt is much harder to get on.  As much s possible align the arm seams so when your arm goes through the seams are oriented correctly.  It is difficult to realign/twist the sleeves where they need to go, but if you have to then pull the sleeves down a few inches so there is more slack/ less tension and that will make it easier to re-align.

-But I'm a guy.
    These are men's tights.
    EC3D is actually what Superheros wear to improve their crime fighting performance, reduce fatigue, and give them their un-human physique.  If you try to fly EC3D will not be able to help you.


  1. Good review Andy. I am impressed. How about the sox? They look cool. I wonder how the compare to 2XU, Swiftwick, and skins. Feels like my skins are loosing their compression.

  2. The socks are great. I need to update with more info for the socks. The EC3D fabric does not seem to lose elasticity as easy as the lycra based fabrics. EC3D has some stretch, but not anywhere near as much as everything else, so that alone should play a big role in keeping snug.
    My Skins lost elasticity, I had to sew them up to fit tighter to be of any use. they are still of use as my EC3D is all in the laundry right now.
    Time will tell how EC3D holds up. I will try to update all my reviews as time goes by for follow up.

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