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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Road Tour

This was a ride through the Great Smokey Mtns.  We planned for it to be a 3 or 3 1/2 day trip covering 359 miles.  We were thinking if we made long days that we could cover a little over 100 miles per day, but the added weight of the gear and the steep and tall mountains slowed us to a 14 mile per hour average speed for the trip.

To compound that Cory was not ready, not at all.  We were 4 hours late leaving his house on the start day and had lost about 4 hours of sleep working on his stuff the night before.

I think we made about 50 miles the first day, which was mostly flat, before we stopped to make camp.  -more details on the riding later.

The trip ended up taking a full week to complete, we added two extra days, one due to rain and one to ride by Cory's girlfriends house an hour from the end.

I had a lot of inquires about the gear so instead of a video I took photos and will try to explain it HERE 

Since then we have improved and refined out gear and equipment, but anyone can make it work with just whatever they can strap to their bike.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Eastern Trail Tour

A section on the Great Eastern Trail

Cory Rimmer, Andy Johnston and Jeremiah Bishop
attempt the first ever GET by bike

This 4-day epic route took riders Cory Rimmer, Jeremiah Bishop and Andy Johnston over some of the most rugged terrain VA and WV have to offer.

 Joined on day one and 3 by Chris Scott (thanks for the many photos) the group rolled on hour after hour.
Please enjoy some of the fantastic pics.