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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lezyne SV Multi-Tool

Lezyne SV-10 tool

  I have spent most of my life in the bike world, and even many years as a professional mechanic.  There are a myriad of multi-tools out there, but few as finely crafted such to appreciate the detail as the Lezyne SV multi-tool

  The SV-10, as implied, includes 10 tools: hex wrenches of 2,3,4,5,6 and 8, Phillips screwdriver, T-25 and T-30 torx wrenches, and a chain breaker for 9 & 10 speed chains.  Price is $45.

  All bits are stainless steel for extreme durability and rust resistantance.  Forged Stainless steel bits means a hard, long lasting tool and no rounded off corners for the hex wrenches.  Side plates and chain breaker are CNC aluminum to keep the weight at 101 grams.

  The chain breaker is the most ingenious component for its simplicity and lightweight.  A threaded pushpin attaches to the tool and a machined aluminum chain breaker body threads onto that.  Chain pin removal is easy, but to further save grams, there is no method for reattaching a pin.  It is assumed most racer-oriented trail repairs will be made with a master link, where all you need is to break the chain, so be sure to have a spare or two on hand.  Lower down the Lezyne line the chain breakers do have this option.
chain breaker with pin installer
as available on lower models

  The threaded pushpin is the same size as most seat collar bolts, so in an emergency, you might use your multi-tool for a seat collar bolt.  The dual-purpose makes the tool more valuable, but un-needed tools do not, so choose your Lezyne tool wisely.

  Lezyne offers a variety of multi-tool platforms.  The Carbon, SV and V Tools do not have spoke wrenches or the ability to re-install a chain pin. The V, Stainless, CRV, RAP and BLOX do, but at the expense of added weight.

My personal set-up (not pictured) removes the 8mm hex wrench and the T-30 torx bit from the SV tool, which are not needed on my bike.  I filled the space with washers.  I would rather have a flat head screw driver than a Phillips just for the multi uses a flat head offers, but do not want to break up such a pretty set of tools.

Check back for reviews on the tools above and below the VC Tool.