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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Homemade Helmet Cover

Helmet Cover

I have been saving this plastic for a while now.  I am doing a gravel grinder this weekend:

This will be a very cold race.  High speeds and freezing temps are expected.  I usually have an interior layer of insulation in my helmet, but this plastic will give me some aerodynamics.

Like a TT helmet with no forward vents, this plastic will smooth out the windward profile.

This is heat moldable plastic that came off my spinach container.

I cut the container lid before taking the photos, so this is all that remained.

 Take an ordinary helmet

And with a heat gun mold the plastic to the shape of the helmet.  I used the heat, then my sleeve to press the hot plastic into the helmet.

You end up with this, a clear plastic form of the helmet.  Next step for me is to clean the sticker residue.

The final step is to secure it to the helmet. I used electrical tape which is able to stretch to the contours of the helmet.

With it clean an optional step is to paint the underside.  It will appear shiny from the outside.

Now I have a more aero helmet that will also keep freezing air from flowing through the hemet.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Speed Evolution Valve Stem

Lightweight tubeless valve stems.  3.8 grams!

Upgrade your bike to Speed Evolution's alloy presto valve stems.  Reducing the rotational weight and improving the ability to inflate and seal your tire.

They feature many colors and have a removable valve core.  The rubber end seals against any rim easily, and the raised portion helps keep sealant out of the valve.

Pictured here with the other leading brand which is brass.  The weight difference is tremendous even for such a small item.

To the right you can see how much more volume there is inside the valve stem.  Being able to move air fast when attempting to mount and seal a tire is critical.

Mounted with the Truckerco Blue rim tape.

I ran my valve nut upside down without the O-ring. This way the cone shape of the nut centers into the rim hole and helps make the valve more stable.  Valve wobble can be a source of air leaks, and with my double-walled rim there is no need to seal the rim on this end.

I have been very happy with my new valve stems.
Lighter, with more air flow and they do not need much force to make the seal, so changing a flat (removing the stem) in the woods on a 15 degree day was easy this time.

With a true tubeless rim you can use the nut and supplied O-ring to seal the rim airtight from the outside  This is pretty standard operating procedure, so no news there.

Colors include:
Black, Purple, Gun Metal Gray, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange and Pink.

Stem Lengths: 38mm and 48mm in all colors
and 60mm in Gun Metal Gray.

Get yours for $23.99 at

From the website:
Speed Evolution’s tubeless aluminum presta valve features a patent pending larger recessed locking O-ring, a larger internal diameter to provide for more airflow and a less plugging caused by tubeless sealant. The vulcanized base includes a raised center so that the sealant does not seep inside and a vulcanized base that is big enough so seal a Shraeder valve and fits almost all rims perfectly. The valve core is removable to easily inflate and add sealant. Speed evolution valves are made from aluminum, about half the weight of brass, and come in cool anodized colors: gold, green, red and pink. They’re perfect accent to a customized bike.