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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Speed Banana 4-Hour Epic Saga

Speed Banana Epic Sage 4-Hour XC
formerly Winter Thaw
Yellow River
Stone Mtn, GA
Sunday April 19, 2015
One Day Only

CycleYouth is hosting Speed Banana's Epic Saga, a 4-hour multi-lap timed race.  This is shorter than a 6-hour race, but longer than a regular XC event and will provide a full filled day of riding on great trails.

The trail system uses all the best single track at the park to offer a fun and rewarding loop for all. Old-timers will remember some of the original trails that are back in use.  The loop has been created to maximize singletrack, and offer a true mountain bike experience. The course has been modified from last year's XC version slightly to make multiple laps just a little easier, but all the challenge is still there. 

The loop is approx 6.8 miles in length and about 90% single track. Parking and start/finish are at the Horse Parking area.

For other park users including HORSES and HIKERS the River Side trails will remain open, although the Horse parking lot will be in use by the race.

We will run races in heats for 8-11 Kids, Beginner, Sport and Expert (Cat III, II and I), as well as First Timers.  First Timer class is just that; first time racing.

Kids 8-11 1.6 mile loop using portions of adult loop.  Kids 8-11 will start at 8:40AM so racing parents can be there.

See for the official race website

A big thank you to our series sponsors, for whom we would not be able to bring these events to you.

  • Pro Gold for a fine selection of chain and cleaning products.

 The course starts in the horse parking area and makes a counter clockwise loop.  This map shows all the trails. The heavy lines are the course and the thin lines the unused trails.
  You will not be able to follow the map unless you are very familiar with the trails.
This gps file is accurate, and starts next to the horse parking kiosk. If you have a mapping function on your gps unit then you should be able to follow the race course.  At each intersection check the map to see where the trail leads. Sometimes the trail the course uses is not the obvious route of travel.

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