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Monday, February 4, 2013

Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks is the newest mini tool yet to hit the market.  The idea is genius in its simplicity and practical in its pack-ability.

Small tools with power applications.  
Pictured here with Phillips head, 4, 5 and 6 mm Allen wrenches.
As the picture shows, each hex-shaped steel bit fits into the other alloy body to form the T.  The coupling is a perfect fit and feels solid.

Aluminum machined bodies hold those common driver bits, and the bodies fit together to form a T-handle allowing huge torque.

While it would seem universally adaptable if the bits were replaceable, the reality is they would get lost and leave you stranded when you most need it.  The bits instead are pressed into the body for a permanent fit.  On mine I can see a slight bulge where the bit was really pressed in firm, so you know it will hold.  Fix It Sticks does offer a "build your own" option so you can get the bits you want, and you are not limited to just two sticks, get three and have 6 tools instead of 4.

The downside is the lack of a chain tool that other mini-tools might have, but we await a super light alloy chain tool compatible with the Sticks.

I have been testing the Speed Sleeve at the same time and have not found a multi-tool that would fit it satisfactorily until now.  The Fix It Sticks fit perfectly into the Speed Sleeve and will not fall out like my former favorite tool, rest its soul.

The Speed Sleeve is my favorite "saddle bag" for a minimalist approach and the Fix It Sticks compliment that minimalist light-weight mentality perfectly.

Fix It Sticks will be available in April 2013.  They offer a Kickstarter program where buyers can get a discount for pre-ordering a set in order that the seller earns capital to build inventory.

Mine are prototype aluminum, but the production models are anodized orange.  I probably would have opted for a torx bit for my disc rotors over the supplied Phillips bit.  I also added my own magnetic 8mm Allen end to turn this into a 5-way tool, but am bound to lose this unintended accessory.

The Fix It Sticks are a very cool and functional tool that will see years of service on many rides.

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