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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Contour+ Plus

  • Custom Wide-Angle Lens+ 6 Element Glass Lens, 170 FOV, F2.8HD Video+ 3 Resolutions and 2 frame rates
  • Configurable White Balance; Removable Rechargeable Battery; GPS Enabled
  • Bluetooth Enabled+ Use your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch (3rd and 4th Gen) as a viewfinder
  • 5MP still photo mode Configurable+ Manually set white balance, exposure, and sharpness
  • Android connectivity coming soon HDMI Output+ Stream video, audio, and view your videos Microphone Plug+ Connect an external microphone.
  • Bluetooth Enabled+ Use your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch (3rd and 4th Gen) as a viewfinder+
  • Configurable White Balance
  • Custom Wide-Angle Lens+ 6 Element Glass Lens, 170 FOV, F2.8HD Video+
  • GPS Enabled
  • Manually set white balance, exposure, and sharpness
  • Removable Rechargeable Battery
  • Stream video, audio, and view your videos Microphone Plug+ Connect an external microphone
  • Android connectivity coming soon HDMI Output+ Stream video, audio, and view your videos Microphone Plug+ Connect an external microphone
  • 3 Resolutions and 2 frame rates or 5MP still photo mode Configurable+ Manually set white balance, exposure, and sharpness

Video Formats

Video Format
Frame Rate

Full HD 1080p
1920 x 1080
30 fps
To capture those awesome moments in the highest resolution available.
Tall HD 960p
1280 x 960
30 fps
For those sports like surfing that are better suited to a taller image.
Action HD 720p
1280 x 720
60 fps
When frame rate is more important than resolution. The perfect setting to capture the fastest action. It reduces blur and rolling shutter effect.
Contour 720p
1280 x 720
30 fps
When space on your card is at a premium and you need to record that last epic adventure.
Still Photo
2592 x 1944
3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 sec
When you want to freeze frame the action, the photo mode is your perfect shot. You can pick from 5 rates to best capture that moment.
With a burly, water-resistant aluminum shell, the Contour+ is made to take a beating in extreme environments from raging storms to muddy tracks. For full submersion sports add the waterproof case to keep it dry up to 60 meters deep(available summer 2011).


The Magellan Mio Cyclo 505 GPS unit is a large touch screen, full color bike computer complete with heart rate sensor, cadence and wheel sensor accessories.  The 505 included two mounting methods for bicycle stems or handlebars.  The goal to make a sophisticated cycling computer that is user-friendly was accomplished.

As with other GPS units, the 505 is compatible with ANT, Bluetooth, WiFi, most phones…  You can use your existing accessories %%%%%%%

Scrolling through the different screens on the 505 was all that was needed to learn to use the computer, and set-up was just as easy.  There is one button, the power button, which pulls double-duty as a "go back" button in all screens.  Otherwise you use the touch screen to navigate through the options you want to view or use.

Upon power up the 505 finds the satellites quickly, and is ready to go as soon as you are.  It actually starts recording as soon as you move, and even ask you if you want to "start" the ride. No longer will you be hours into a ride and realize you forgot to start the timer, because it has been secretly recording all the time.  This is a cool feature, but on the annoying side, maybe you don't want to start the ride timer until you are actually starting your ride or workout.  You might realize all that walking around and slow riding before you actually started the ride is going to bring down your average speed and falsely increase your ride time.  However, the fix is to start a new file and deal with the previous file later.

The 505 comes with road maps installed, so you never get lost.  You can zoom in/out on the screen and  move the map around with just a fingertip to see where you are.

The compass option puts a giant arrow that points north, but takes up 1/4 of the screen. The compass is nice, but not worth the loss of so much of the map; it can be disabled.  Overall the screen is brilliant and easily seen. It lights up a little every time you touch the screen.  The downside is power consumption, while other brands use a simple black on gray (blank) background scheme to display the numbers, Magellan adds a white background.  Battery life never got close to the claimed runtime, and constant fiddling with the screen could be the cause.

When using the touch screen an audible beep can easily be heard, however, the screen will make the same chirping sound for a mis-placed touch as well as a correct touch.  Operation of the screen has to be slow and deliberate.  Gloved fingers worked quite well with the screen.  Interestingly, a finger dab on the tongue as if turning pages of a book seemed to help make gloved contact with the pages of the 505 easier.

Some fun features on the 505 include the "Surprise Me" option which will plan a route based on your time or your milage goal.  You can have it plan a loop or take you to a destination.  Settings for bicycle or for car affect the route it choses.  The 505 is quite accurate knowing your location, but the real-time bread crumb trail on the map makes tracing your steps (or the steps of a route you are following) very difficult.  Your route traveled is displayed as red dots approximately 40-60 feet apart.  This makes navigating a tight-packed urban mountain bike trail difficult.

Connecting this to the internet is why you bought it to begin with, and Magellan has made it easy.  The users favorite way to upload the files is directly from the 505 to a WiFi hotspot. After you have registered the unit, it is just a few button clicks from uploading your selected files.  This eliminates needing a computer to mediate between the GPS unit and the website.  Yes, of course, you can still access files the old fashioned way too - via usb cable.

While the Magellan units are made for PC software, with a Mac you can still access the GPS unit as an external drive and access your ride files.  Hint: view your files by type and not by date so you can extract the .gpx files more easily.

Edge 1000: 115g
Edge 810: 97g
Edge 510: 82g
Edge 500: 57g
Mio Cyclo 505: 130g
Polar V650: 120g
crumb trail
numbers could be bigger inside their respective box
secure mount
easy to use
the back to start requires ending current ride
grade takes too long to adjust
no way to adj the tilt
temp in C
does connect to Mac (as drive only)
very fickle with usb cable, wiggle and it disconnects.
sunset 245am
can't connect to wi fi
beep sound is same for wrong touch and right touch.  seems like I have to touch twice each time.
screen lights up with each touch.
batt does not go 12 hrs, maybe 9 - probably bc of the light

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Homemade Helmet Cover

Helmet Cover

I have been saving this plastic for a while now.  I am doing a gravel grinder this weekend:

This will be a very cold race.  High speeds and freezing temps are expected.  I usually have an interior layer of insulation in my helmet, but this plastic will give me some aerodynamics.

Like a TT helmet with no forward vents, this plastic will smooth out the windward profile.

This is heat moldable plastic that came off my spinach container.

I cut the container lid before taking the photos, so this is all that remained.

 Take an ordinary helmet

And with a heat gun mold the plastic to the shape of the helmet.  I used the heat, then my sleeve to press the hot plastic into the helmet.

You end up with this, a clear plastic form of the helmet.  Next step for me is to clean the sticker residue.

The final step is to secure it to the helmet. I used electrical tape which is able to stretch to the contours of the helmet.

With it clean an optional step is to paint the underside.  It will appear shiny from the outside.

Now I have a more aero helmet that will also keep freezing air from flowing through the hemet.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Speed Evolution Valve Stem

Lightweight tubeless valve stems.  3.8 grams!

Upgrade your bike to Speed Evolution's alloy presto valve stems.  Reducing the rotational weight and improving the ability to inflate and seal your tire.

They feature many colors and have a removable valve core.  The rubber end seals against any rim easily, and the raised portion helps keep sealant out of the valve.

Pictured here with the other leading brand which is brass.  The weight difference is tremendous even for such a small item.

To the right you can see how much more volume there is inside the valve stem.  Being able to move air fast when attempting to mount and seal a tire is critical.

Mounted with the Truckerco Blue rim tape.

I ran my valve nut upside down without the O-ring. This way the cone shape of the nut centers into the rim hole and helps make the valve more stable.  Valve wobble can be a source of air leaks, and with my double-walled rim there is no need to seal the rim on this end.

I have been very happy with my new valve stems.
Lighter, with more air flow and they do not need much force to make the seal, so changing a flat (removing the stem) in the woods on a 15 degree day was easy this time.

With a true tubeless rim you can use the nut and supplied O-ring to seal the rim airtight from the outside  This is pretty standard operating procedure, so no news there.

Colors include:
Black, Purple, Gun Metal Gray, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange and Pink.

Stem Lengths: 38mm and 48mm in all colors
and 60mm in Gun Metal Gray.

Get yours for $23.99 at

From the website:
Speed Evolution’s tubeless aluminum presta valve features a patent pending larger recessed locking O-ring, a larger internal diameter to provide for more airflow and a less plugging caused by tubeless sealant. The vulcanized base includes a raised center so that the sealant does not seep inside and a vulcanized base that is big enough so seal a Shraeder valve and fits almost all rims perfectly. The valve core is removable to easily inflate and add sealant. Speed evolution valves are made from aluminum, about half the weight of brass, and come in cool anodized colors: gold, green, red and pink. They’re perfect accent to a customized bike.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Saving an old bottom bracket

These old bottom brackets were not meant to be rebuilt.  They last long enough that buying a new one every year or two is not that big of a budget crisis.  As this is old technology, and on my beater bike, I decided to revive the bb instead of replacing it.  This particular one has a titanium spindle, so would have been a pricey replacement.

Here is my trick:

Using 80 Weight Gear Oil.  Add oil to a baggie and let sit for an extended period of time.  Spin the bearings to help assist the oil penetration by moving the spindle inside the shell often.

This is not as good as axle grease, but you would never get grease inside the bearings using this method.

I also use a similar method to oil those suspension bearings that have the metal dust covers.

Make sure all the dirt is cleaned off before oiling your bearings to reduce the chance of contamination.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Products on deck products
Brake pads
aluminum wheel valves (in colors)
tire sealant
ESI Grips

Bar Mitts Road bike winter covers

Magellan Cyclo 505 Bike Computer

Coppi Merino Cycling Cap
Wool cap

Cool little hat with a brim to be worn under the helmet, or alone in any outdoor activity.

Volagi Liscio
Disc Brake Equip Road Bike

Other long-range products:
Truckerco brake pads
Truckerco tire sealant
Electric scooter
Fuji cross bike

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Speed Banana 4-Hour Epic Saga

Speed Banana Epic Sage 4-Hour XC
formerly Winter Thaw
Yellow River
Stone Mtn, GA
Sunday April 19, 2015
One Day Only

CycleYouth is hosting Speed Banana's Epic Saga, a 4-hour multi-lap timed race.  This is shorter than a 6-hour race, but longer than a regular XC event and will provide a full filled day of riding on great trails.

The trail system uses all the best single track at the park to offer a fun and rewarding loop for all. Old-timers will remember some of the original trails that are back in use.  The loop has been created to maximize singletrack, and offer a true mountain bike experience. The course has been modified from last year's XC version slightly to make multiple laps just a little easier, but all the challenge is still there. 

The loop is approx 6.8 miles in length and about 90% single track. Parking and start/finish are at the Horse Parking area.

For other park users including HORSES and HIKERS the River Side trails will remain open, although the Horse parking lot will be in use by the race.

We will run races in heats for 8-11 Kids, Beginner, Sport and Expert (Cat III, II and I), as well as First Timers.  First Timer class is just that; first time racing.

Kids 8-11 1.6 mile loop using portions of adult loop.  Kids 8-11 will start at 8:40AM so racing parents can be there.

See for the official race website

A big thank you to our series sponsors, for whom we would not be able to bring these events to you.

  • Pro Gold for a fine selection of chain and cleaning products.

 The course starts in the horse parking area and makes a counter clockwise loop.  This map shows all the trails. The heavy lines are the course and the thin lines the unused trails.
  You will not be able to follow the map unless you are very familiar with the trails.
This gps file is accurate, and starts next to the horse parking kiosk. If you have a mapping function on your gps unit then you should be able to follow the race course.  At each intersection check the map to see where the trail leads. Sometimes the trail the course uses is not the obvious route of travel.